Meet our Firm


Luke Cheatham- President 


My interest in financial planning came when my father was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer. As the “fixer” of the family, I was searching for strategies that could help prepare us for the financial impact this would have on his personal finances and our 35+ year old family business. At the time, I had just sold my interest in my own company providing me a great deal of time to explore the different strategies & approaches prevalent in the marketplace.  I was greatly disappointed by the low level of overall expertise I found; it seemed like everyone simply wanted to transact. 

Now I strive to help others avoid the same pain our family endured. I created Diamond Client Group as a specialty team, aimed at helping business owners and the high-net worth achieve growth, lower taxes, and prepare for the unexpected.  

Life can change in an instant. The financial marketplace is murky. I'd love to help you Gain Clarity.


Michael Sitzman- Advanced Case Specialist


I have been fascinated with architecture my entire life and this career allows me to help create "financial homes" for my clients.  I enjoy sitting down with clients to guide in decisions that will help create financial independence and aid our future generations so they are positioned for success. As a child I saw how money and financial conversations could dominate and control the emotional pulse of a household. The consistent arguments in our house would be around the subject of money. This is common in many homes and is a leading cause for divorce. My parents made it through those "tough years" and I strive to help others accomplish the same success.  I know I can't save every marriage, but I at least want to help ensure that finances are not the root of the decision.

The perception is the financial industry is doing harm to the American public and only out to transact. I focus on specific needs uncovered by our thorough planning process. I am working to combat the myths and theories that may have worked for previous generations but will not work for the future.  Taking the time to educate will help to eliminate the prejudices and misunderstanding of our industry.  I believe that if I educate enough people and help them reach their goals then I will eventually accomplish my own dreams.


Steve Bass- Advanced Case Specialist

For over 15 years I served as a full-time minister in Southern Baptist churches. I learned that people are not perfect and in need of grace. They needed someone who would listen, encourage, and help them get on track. From that calling, I felt led into a new direction and now 13 years into estate planning I find that I am doing the same thing....listening, encouraging and providing a plan to get people on track. I have been blessed with a beautiful wife, Angie, and 4 children, Brian, Aubrey, Ashleigh and Austin to love and cherish. As with my family, I strive to care for and nurture my clients. 

Most of my clients are physicians or dental professionals where we at Diamond Client Group come together as a team to share advanced strategies to help with taxes, protection, business structure and investing. But most important, I do my best to make sure that no matter what happens in life that my clients will always have cash flow. If that stops, for any reason, life may not work out as planned.

A round brilliant diamond is a clear, precious stone with precise cuts to make it flawless. You are that diamond to me. You are precious. You are brilliant. Let me show you some precise cuts that will help you shine. 


Ashley Cheatham- Chief Creative Officer

I am the driving force behind implementing the vision of Diamond Client Group for client services and large projects. Helping our firm gives me the opportunity to utilize the skills at which I excel. The experience I have gained over the last decade working on several business ventures with Luke is immeasurable. I am blessed to work with both clients and advisors as I focus on giving them the best possible experience. I can truly see the immense difference we are making in others' lives. My reward is seeing the results of helping others achieve their goals and constantly making our firm better.


Paul Cox - Chief Operating Officer

My career began with a school sponsored program that introduced me to the world of banking and finance, and I have now accumulated 22 years of experience in the industry. Initially, I was assigned to a local credit union in the IT department. During that time, I received several promotions and obtained numerous certifications for the financial operations systems with The National Credit Union Administration. I left banking when I accepted a position as an Office Director for a local insurance agency. I excelled in that role, helping that agency flourish and obtaining 25 state licenses to sell and administrate all major medical, life, and property & casualty insurance policies. My 15 years of experience managing multiple departments has brought great satisfaction to me. Primarily, I focus on ensuring that agents and brokers have the tools and resources needed to assist their clients. I’m excited to take part in the growth and expansion of Diamond Client Group as I build relationships with our agents, brokers, and clients!


Dennis To- Financial Strategist


I attended the University of Saint Thomas and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance. I always knew that I wanted to excel inside the financial service industry.  As the first generation graduate in my family, I was able to pursue my passion in finance which has enabled to me to give back to my family and extended community. Through integrity and compassion, I am motivated to work hard and understand the struggles of financial strategies for inexperienced individuals. I strive to provide awareness in financial strategies in order to obtain lifelong proactive goals.


Nicole Nails- Financial Strategist

As a busy mother of three active boys, I'm accustomed to life moving at 100 MPH. My list of worries and to-dos sometimes feels endless. That is why I take great pride in helping families knock off finance from their to-do lists. Through our team's advanced strategies, we make a huge impact for families and business owners who are looking to reduce this burden. I love giving mothers peace in knowing that they can breathe easy should life throw some lemons their way. My degree and background is in medical marketing. The financial industry's main goal is to set people up for success. I made the switch simply to be a bigger impact on others lives, and businesses.


Matthew Williams- Financial Strategist

My strength has always been problem solving and seeing how situations affect one another. When I graduated in 2011 from Eastern Michigan University with a BA in Marketing, I started working in management. Then I quickly realized it was not the job I was made for.  I found the financial services industry and discovered my strengths were perfect for this profession. I now have a meaningful impact on people from all different backgrounds. My passion is helping those with unique situations reach their financial goals with maximum efficiency. I get to put financial puzzles together to help make dreams a reality.


Bryan Smith- Special Care Planner


I am a Special Care Planner for MassMutual Greater Houston that focuses on working with families and business owners that have or care for a child with special needs. I am one of 400 Charted Special Needs Consultants (ChSNC) designated in the United States and one of the very few who serve the Houston community. I specialize in strategies that leave a legacy for your children in the most cost effective, tax efficient way. I discuss Life Care planning, educate on Social Security issues, help educate and review trustee options, and help secure a financial future for the parents along with the child. My mission is to serve as the family's financial macro manager by utilizing top professionals from around the industry to assist the family with any needs that arise. Helping special needs children and their families has always been my passion and I believe my calling. My younger brother is profoundly disabled and has numerous medical disabilities including severe seizures, osteoporosis, and brain malformation/atrophy. I can relate first hand to the highs and lows of what it means to take care of someone who needs special attention. I have dedicated my personal and now professional life to helping children with special needs from volunteering with numerous non-profits, to now being able to help Special Families prepare for their financial future. 


Tinja Anderson- Financial Strategist

I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs whose entire mission is to create a legacy of excellence. Meaning you always leave anything you touch better than how you found it. That mindset applied to everything in how I was raised and continues to apply to all aspects of my life now. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than knowing that I can impact the lives of my clients by preventing the fear of not having enough.  Whether that's business planning, restructuring companies, or a family estate, I do not win unless my clients win, and I hate to lose.

I spent the first decade of my career impacting the success of several Fortune 500 companies through talent identification and the development of value propositions that affect change.  Achieving excellence both personally and professionally takes a team. And I am excited for the opportunity to assist in driving value for my clients as a part of the team at Diamond Client Group.


Ethan Gao- Financial Strategist 

I graduated with a degree in Economics (BA) from Cornell University in 2003 and a law degree (JD*) from Columbia University in 2006. I have been a practicing attorney* for over 10 years both at large law firms as well as in-house at financial institutions.  Personally, I have always thought about and strategized about my income and my net worth. I actually started as a client of one of the members of our firm. With my recent entrepreneurial ventures I met with the team and decided to join Diamond Client Group. I knew I could bring a ton of unique experience and skills to this amazing team (particularly given my own personal experience as a client and real estate investor). I strive to provide both value added advice as well as seamless execution on strategies for my clients.

JD* Not practicing on behalf of MML Investors Services, LLC or its affiliated companies.


David Morris- Financial Advisor


I was enlisted in the Air Force for eight years, where I was able to earn my B.S. in Business from Bellevue University. It is my belief that those who have served our country deserve our help in obtaining financial freedom.  Since leaving the military, I have been passionate about helping others work toward retirement and their future prosperity. I am fascinated with finance and how it can impact people's lives both positively or negatively. My mission is to ensure financial goals are met through education and that state of the art financial strategies are made available to my clients.


Mitch Good- Financial Strategist

I have an engineering degree from Texas A&M University, and for 22 years I worked domestically and abroad in the petroleum industry. During that time, my wife and I experienced multiple stock market crashes, as well as huge disruptions in the oil & gas business. Watching our portfolio shrink during the down markets was a helpless feeling, and at that time we had no idea how to stay invested while still protecting our hard-earned money from the whims of the stock market. The outstanding team at Diamond Client Group showed us ways to accumulate wealth independent of the stock market. Now I am proudly a team member and a “recovering engineer,” working with fellow engineers, families, and businesses to help protect and grow their portfolios.


Brian Cheatham- Executive Assistant and Financial Advisor

Becoming a father at a young age forced me to learn the value of strategic financial planning early on. It was a real struggle to make ends meet throughout my collegiate years, yet I found a way to earn my B.A. in History from the University of North Texas while working full-time and raising my children. While History doesn’t typically translate to a career in finance, I view those years with a great deal of pride and accomplishment. The adversity that I faced in my early twenties laid the foundation for my strong work ethic, sense of responsibility, and financial literacy.

I come from a family of entrepreneurs. From being raised in my mother and father’s businesses, to helping my brother with several interesting ventures, business is in my blood. The lessons I've learned throughout my lifetime have given me the experience and acumen needed to work with business owners and help lead them down a successful path.

Currently, I enjoy my role of Executive Assistant at Diamond Client Group. I’m an integral part of our large team, and I’m learning from the best! While I am now a fully licensed financial advisor, I choose to collaborate with my team to provide our clients with well-rounded quality advice, leveraging years of their experience and expertise. I’d love to introduce you to Diamond Client Group and the full scope of our work!


Dean Burden- Financial Strategiest

I began my career as a Financial Services Professional 25 years ago when I opened my own insurance agency focused on helping families protect their most valuable assets. After earning several awards, I transitioned into high-performing sales and executive leadership positions. These opportunities allowed me to gain an in-depth understanding of business operations at all levels. With my breadth of experience as a business owner and a finance professional, I am well positioned to coach executives, business owners, and high net worth individuals through our ever-changing economic environment. Together, my expertise and our team's advanced strategies form a powerful combination to guide business owners and professionals toward their financial goals.


Jerry Nails- Para Planner

Planning for the future is a discipline which integrates all areas of personal finance. These include planning for education, retirement, investments, taxes, insurance, and the estate. My mission is to protect and preserve my clients' lifestyles, assets and loved ones while addressing these areas. By understanding the specific goals of each of my clients, I assist in co-creating strategies to help withstand all of life's economic uncertainties.  I work diligently to build a lifetime relationship with my clients' based on trust and integrity, always striving to provide them with the same level of ethical service that I would expect for myself.


Robin Hearn- Client Service Assistant

My role here is one of support for both our clients and our financial advisors as they take steps toward a greater financial future.  I was a public school educator who became disenchanted with the system.  I wanted to find a career in which I could still be a part of helping people and use my experience and skills as an educator to improve their lives. My position utilizes my organization and people skills learned from my past. This business is rewarding because I have seen numerous clients taken through our process with positive results who are grateful for the solutions we provided. I am blessed to be a part of this firm.