Michael A. Sitzman, CFBS, CRPC          

Financial Strategist

Advanced Case Specialist

Managing Associate



I have been fascinated with architecture my entire life and this career allows me to help create "financial homes" for my clients.  I enjoy sitting down with clients to guide in decisions that will help create financial independence and aid our future generations so they are positioned for success. As a child I saw how money and financial conversations could dominate and control the emotional pulse of a household. The consistent arguments in our house would be around the subject of money. This is common in many homes and is a leading cause for divorce. My parents made it through those "tough years" and I strive to help others accomplish the same success.  I know I can't save every marriage, but I at least want to help ensure that finances are not the root of the decision.

The perception is the financial industry is doing harm to the American public and only out to transact. I focus on specific needs uncovered by our thorough planning process. I am working to combat the myths and theories that may have worked for previous generations but will not work for the future.  Taking the time to educate will help to eliminate the prejudices and misunderstanding of our industry.  I believe that if I educate enough people and help them reach their goals then I will eventually accomplish my own dreams.